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Where is art going?

By J.B Adams on July/23/2019

  At the beginning of the 20th century if you were to ask someone on the street "what defines an artist?", they would probably respond with "anyone who paints with a brush or sculpts with a chisel". While this is a good definition, is this definition is still relevant to today?

 What I mean to say is, does this definition fully encapsulate the idea behind what an artist truly is in the modern age? In the modern era we have seen art take many forms, it is no longer simply painting on canvas or sculpting a stone with a chisel as it has been in years past. With the advent of modern day animation as well as other modern forms of portraying a story or concept, is art even remotely used for the same thing it once was?

 Go to a college and ask the professors who are holding lectures for art students there what they feel their students will go on to do once they graduate. The answer will, nine times out of 10, be to enter into the animation industry or the entertainment industry in some way. AAA corporations are always in need of artistic talent, or barring that, individuals who simply know how to put lines down on paper. After all, animation is a long and arduous process and requires massive teams of people to work together on a singular concept for hours on end.

 This dynamic is a worldwide phenomenon, with a much stricter paradigm being visible in Japan. In fact, it seems like the American animation industry has become lax in the past few years, with only two or three corporations still pioneering the genre. It's strange to think that as art has gotten easier to do and is now more accessible, there are fewer large corporations out there doing work like this. Most of this is due to the fact that it is a high risk, high reward type of job opportunity that the animation industry offers, and nothing else.

 But the animation industry is merely is the largest institution which utilizes artists and artistry. On a smaller scale, comic books have been a tradition in America since the fifties and still ring true as one of the major staples of entertainment in Japan, with manga being extremely prevalent worldwide right now.

 Art encapsulates the visual, so it stands to reason that whatever it is people want visualized, artists will be there. So it seems that the definition of an artist has changed slightly, the reality of the art medium hasn't really changed at all.

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso!

By J.B Adams on July/18/2019

  I've been binge-watching Shigatsu wa kimi no uso or, in English, Your Lie in April. I gotta say, this is one of the greatest stories ever told in my opinion. I may have a sort of bias toward this kind of story going into it due to my history with music, but even if you don't care about the musical aspect of it, this series seems to carry the punch of any given shonen manga.

 For those who don't know, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso is all about music and the joys of the simple things in life, and I'd recommend this series to anyone. You can go check it out as of right now on netflix!

 When I say this series packs a "punch", I don't mean literally. There isn't a fight scene in the show because it's a slice-of-life series revolving around the exploits of Kosei Arima, the once nigh-invincible Japanese Pianist.

 Kosei was unstoppable at the age of just 5, having won first in every piano competition he set foot in. However, after Kosei loses his mother to a debilitating illness he suddenly finds himself unable to play the piano. Not physically, I mean, his fingers still work, but he can't seem to hear the keys anymore.

 It's interesting to see how he copes with this problem and, ultimately, becomes who was always mean't to be. The series is fantastic and I recommend you go watch it right now! ^^

The Avatar is back!

By J.B Adams on October/2/2018

  It's been almost 10 years since Avatar: The Last Airbender concluded, and now Mike and Brian have announced a new series which will premiere on netflix this winter.

 The new series will be set in the same universe as the original show, but this time the show will premiere as a live action piece. In this way, there is a lot of potential for the new show to bring elements of the world to life in ways the original could not.

 You may remember the other attempt to make avatar live action, and there are high hopes that this new attempt will be much better than the original. So far, they are only talking about bringing avatar into live action as it was, making this adaptation a simple upgrade from the original show, whether or not the show needed an upgrade at all.

 The world of avatar is like one of those fictional worlds you see in J. R. R. tolkien or C.S lewis's works. It brings a lot of emotional depth to the table, as well as limitless potential for comedic elements.

 These are just some of the reasons why fans have wanted a real solid live action adaptation of the series for a while now.

 The lord of the rings was a book, an animated adaptation, and an audio book long before it was ever made into live action and yet, when you ask someone about the lord of the rings the first thing they will refer you to is the live action adaptation by Peter Jackson. Some fans believe the same will be true of avatar once it is converted successfully to a live action piece.

 I am somewhere in the middle on this, as I believe the original work was already almost perfect and did not need to be improved on in this way.

 Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see where they go with this. I'm excited!

Monty's Legacy

By J.B Adams on September/12/2018

  I just finished reading the "Open letter to all who treasured Monty Oum", and I gotta say: WOW! I had never heard of rooster teeth or Burnie Burns or RvB or any of the stuff these guys put out before I found RWBY online and watched it.

  The show really inspired me and taught me a lot about what is possible in a little 2.5D web cartoon. The things that really stuck out to me about this series were the action choreography and the bright and brilliant colors that the show used to portray its characters and backgrounds. Before seeing RWBY I thought that you could only go so far using a line-less art style(A style that I have been trying to pioneer for years now).

  The original four character shorts that Monty oum created were nothing short of amazing. The action and fluidity portrayed in the series really inspired me to think outside the box. I read this letter and I thought to myself: "Hey! These people are not the perfect animation team/family that I thought they were! They have problems just like every other 'official' animation company!"

  I guess the moral of the story here is that if you're working for somebody else, your own spirit will be diminished and your own creative talents will be squelched unless you have complete mastery over what it is you are working on. Food for thought. Also, rooster teeth are a buncha jerks, I kind of figured that out from the start.

  I feel that the entertainment industry has become populated by people who are too focused on pushing some sort of unseen agenda or ideal to actually focus on what they're supposed to be working on in the first place. The whole point of entertainment is to make people happy, not to push some sort of strange idealistic agenda.

  Since Rooster Teeth is primarily a liberal animation and entertainment company, I feel like they're a lost cause at this point so the best thing to do would be to let them die of intellectual starvation at their own hands. That would only be fitting and just for a company that would do the things mentioned in this letter to someone who worked so closely with such a brilliant animator. R.I.P Monty Oum.

A New Outlook

By J.B Adams on September/9/2018

  So, I figure it's time I actually did some real writing whilst working on my next project. I've finally purchased a real smartphone after years & years of putting it off because I didn't want to jump right in and be a drone like I thought everyone else was being.

 I figured "Hey, I don't need something tracking me everywhere I go in the world". I still believe those words today, however, after owning my own smartphone, I realize that my phobia might've been a little overboard. This thing is so convenient to have around and it compliments my work regimen' nicely.

 So, I've also decided to turn my main page into a sort of mobile blog. I want to be easily readable from any device in the world, so mobile-friendliness is key going forward.

 Also, I think Google said they'd lynch anyone who didn't pander to mobile devices or something?

Horror's of Win.10

By J.B Adams on August/11/2018

  I can't understand why some people stand by windows 10 despite microsofts obvious divisiveness. You can't even use the thing without it bogging down whatever it is that you're doing at the moment with updates running in the background and microsoft constantly checking in on you to make sure you're not a criminal or whatever.

 But what is really blowing my mind is how that people will willingly ignore the blatant violation of their own privacy in order to have the "latest thing".

 Who doesn't remember the days when XP had just come out and the pressure was on for everyone to switch over to the latest version of windows? Most people didn't right away and for good reasons. Most of those reasons simply had to do with the fact that most people had outdated computer hardware that barely ran windows 95 or 98 as it was, let alone XP.

 But that was then, this is now, and microsoft has unloaded a totally different ballgame on us this time around. Almost anyone can afford decent computer hardware these days with more than enough juice to run windows 10. So, "what's the problem" you ask? The problem is that windows 10 always nags you to be connected to the internet and recieve updates from microsoft.

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